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Wedding Color Ideas by Season

When it comes to choosing your wedding colors, there are no wrong answers. This event is dedicated to you and your partner, and the most important thing is that it represents the two of you! So, how do you go about choosing your colors? A good color combination is usually 2-3 base colors and one neutral color for things that have a lot of surface area, like table linens. Some couples add in additional shades of their base colors to get a monochrome palette, which is a great way to make finding the right shades for DIY wedding decorations a lot easier. Keep in mind that some colors may be harder to find than others. If you don’t already have your heart set on any specific color, you might want to consider which season you’ll be getting married during. With so many colors to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find some that you both absolutely love.


Spring might just be the best time of year to get married. Although, who are we kidding… wedding season is year round for a reason! With all the trees and flowers blooming, everything outside finding its color again and weather getting gradually warmer, weddings in the spring are truly gorgeous. A lot of people tend to think of soft pastel colors for spring, but the reality of the season is far less limited. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those pastel hues, just know that you definitely aren’t limited to light colors if you’re planning a spring wedding. If bright is more your style, there are plenty of good options that perfectly reflect the brightest parts of spring.

Peach & Cornflower Blue

Peach and cornflower blue color palette.

Dusty Miller & Muted Peach

Dusty miller and muted peach color palette.

Tulip Pink & Orange

Tulip pink and orange color palette.


Summer weddings are perfect for couples that love brighter colors and exciting decor. It’s also the season for so many great parties, and your wedding could fit in with those perfectly! Similar to choosing colors for a spring wedding, you can start picking your colors by thinking of what you love about the season. Popsicles, cute lawn decorations and the beach are just a few things that might come to mind. If you want a summer wedding and really love lighter or more subdued shades, you might think of the colors of the clear sky and a pastel sunset or sea inspired palettes with blues and teals. The combination possibilities are exciting and plentiful for a warm summer wedding!

Flamingo Pink & Aqua

Flamingo pink and aqua color palette.

Sea Blues

Various shades of sea blue color palette.

Lilac & Violet

Lilac and violet color palette.


Fall weddings are perfect for so many reasons. From changing leaves, cozy settings, late harvested produce & spiced flavors, fall has so much to offer. I’m sure everyone can imagine the usual fall colors of changing and falling leaves, but don’t let that readily available image stand in the way of other possibilities. Lighter color combinations are just as easy to pull off in fall as the bright red and orange ones. Lighter shades can contribute to that cozy vibe you’re going for, whereas brighter ones can transform your wedding into a setting for pumpkins, apples and freshly brewed amber beers and ciders. Fall wedding colors are perfect for conjuring up images and alerting the senses to all of the seasonal things that only fall has to offer.

Burgundy Orange & Sage

Burgundy orange and sage color palette.

Maroon & Forest Green

Maroon and forest green color palette.

Maroon, Pink & Dusty Miller

Maroon, pink and dusty miller color palette.


Winter Weddings are an opportunity for snowy wedding pictures and a feeling of elegance. Contrast is a major part of winter colors, so deep and gemstone colors are a good way to go. You’ll want to include a lighter color as well to offset those deeper shades. Colors that reflect a feeling of royalty and elegance, like deep purples and gold, are great to use as your starting point for developing your winter wedding color palette.

Navy & Gold

Navy and gold color palette.

Burgundy & Peach

Burgundy and peach color palette.

Royal Purple & Light Peach

Royal purple and light peach color palette.

There are no limitations for what colors can be used in a specific season, so let your heart set on whichever colors it desires. As long as you pick colors that the two of you love, your wedding will be beautifully unique in how it represents your relationship!

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