Bride and groom laughing together while going in for a kiss.

Picture Perfect Moments to Capture on Your Wedding Day

You want your wedding day to be one of the most memorable days of your life. Since most of us don’t have a photographic memory to keep every moment stored away for later access, we hire photographers to do it for us. A good wedding photographer will have a list of poses, places and things they plan to capture for you, and they should also reach out to you shortly before your event to find out what specific photos you want immortalized in your gallery that they don’t already have planned. So the question is, what should you add to that list? You might want to say, well, everything… but unless you hired a photographer with the ability to teleport, that’s definitely not realistic! We’ve put together a list of photos that might not already be on the list, but that you’ll be happy were captured on your wedding day.

Close up of the bottom of a bridal gown with shoes laying on it.

The Details

You worked tirelessly to plan this gorgeous day, and you’ll want those little details captured to remind you of exactly how it looked years down the road.

  1. Wedding Dress
  2. Close Up of Wedding Dress Fabric
  3. Dress Bustle
  4. Shoes
  5. Bridal Earrings, Necklaces & Other Bridal Accessories
  6. Wedding Bands &
  7. Engagement Rings
  8. Table Settings
  9. Centerpieces
  10. Dessert Table
  11. Guestbook Table
  12. Invitation & Save the Date
  13. Bouquets
  14. Boutonnieres
  15. Corsages

Bride buttoning flower girls dress as they get ready for the wedding.

Getting Ready

Matching bridesmaid outfits, like kimonos or pajama sets, are a fun way to make your getting ready photos even cuter. Although the girls will probably have more getting ready to do, you’ll appreciate having photos of the guys prepping for the big day as well.

  1. Hair & Makeup
  2. Putting on Cufflinks
  3. Adjusting Tie
  4. Putting on Boutonniere
  5. Buttoning/Zipping Dress
  6. Putting on Shoes
  7. Putting on Jewelry
  8. Candid Shots of Relaxing While Getting Ready (these shots are even better if you take time to enjoy mimosas or coffee together!)
Bride and groom making funny faces at each other while standing at the end of a "tunnel" formed by the wedding party.

With the Wedding Party

Some candid(ish) moments that are essential for any wedding album.

  1. Grand Entrance: This is an opportunity for everyone to show their individual style as they walk in. Dancing, posing for a photo, making a funny face… this is where everyone can get really creative and have fun with it! The resulting photos are truly priceless.
  2. The Toast: You’ll love being able to look back and see the reactions you and your partner have during the best man and maid of honor speeches, and everyone toasts to your lives together.
  3. “The Tunnel”: Have the wedding party form two lines in front of you and your partner, facing each other to form a tunnel with the two of you at the end of it. This one is a great opportunity to share a kiss or make a goofy face to get candid reactions from your wedding party.

Just the Two of You

There will definitely be plenty of these photos, but we thought of some specific poses that are just too perfect to pass up!

  1. Dress in Motion: Do a spin or a walk with your dress in one hand to show off how gorgeous you and your partner look together, and how the dress moves perfectly with you.
  2. Walking Away: This is a great way to get a shot of the backs of your outfits and hair while capturing that “walking to happily ever after” moment.
  3. Immediately After & During the First Dance: A visual representation of what you remember feeling!

Your wedding day is going to be picture perfect, and you’ll be able to look back at the photos fondly and remember how those moments felt when you were in them. And remember, the only thing you need to worry about on the day of your wedding is enjoying one of the best days of your life by living in the moment!

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