3 Things to Look for in Wedding Venues

Wedding venues are where you’ll hold one of the best parties of your life! You deserve to be confident that your venue is set up for a great time without worries. Let’s talk about three things in wedding venues that could make a huge difference for your day.

1. Parking at Wedding Venues

The last thing anyone wants to do (ever!) is struggle to find a parking spot. So, check that the wedding venues you tour have enough parking spaces for the amount of guests you plan to invite.

Another thing to think about is overnight parking. Some wedding venues have gates or other rules that prevent people from leaving their cars overnight. Definitely look into the parking if you plan to have alcohol at your wedding. Overnight parking would also be useful to anyone who had such a blast at your reception that they end up too tired to drive home. Trust us, it’s a long day!

2. Interior Lighting

The interior lighting of wedding venues creates the ambiance of the space, and is therefore extremely important. So check out those light fixtures and color temperature when you tour! Your photographer or videographer should have their own lighting equipment to use if needed, so no need to worry about that.

Decide if you prefer soft light or if you want enough light to be able to see every dance move – the good ones and the awkward ones. Another thing to decide is if you want uplighting or dance floor lighting. However, keep in mind that your DJ may be able to provide some of the dance floor lighting.

3. On-Site Catering

Fresh food is always better! When food has to be delivered from one place to another before it’s served, you could end up limited in what you can order that will travel well.

A solution for that could be to pick a wedding venue that has wedding catering in the same building (like Rosedale Park and Zest Catering), or to have a food truck come to your wedding venue and make the meal on site (keep in mind that some food trucks don’t do all of their cooking at the destination).

Zest Catering Company buffet table at a wedding reception.

We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for in your search for wedding venues! If you want to find out more about Rosedale Park, check out our venue page here. For more info about wedding catering or event catering with Zest Catering, visit ZestCateringCo.com.

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