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Get the Most out of Family Time this Thanksgiving​

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing and cozy sweaters are back in season. These things mean that Fall is upon us and Thanksgiving is almost here!

Thanksgiving 2020 might look a little different for your family than in past years, but the fact remains that getting ready for that huge turkey dinner is an ordeal. No matter how big of a kitchen you have, social distancing tends to go out the window when you have people working together to chop, mix, boil, baste, bake and, if we’re being honest, snack along the way. And if you’re the one who gets to be the sole cook for this largest of meals… we feel for you and we can help.

A basket of thanksgiving paper plates and napkins on table

At A Touch of Class, we came up with a serious stress saving solution to dinner prep, because 2020 has been hard enough as it is. We created a full Thanksgiving menu and designed it to be done for you, with the option of picking it up hot and ready on Thursday or grabbing the take and bake version on Wednesday if you prefer to plan ahead. The base package contains dinner for four, including an entree, four sides, and either a dessert or a quart of custom cocktails (or both, if you want to add the other on for a well-rounded dessert course).

For $74.99, you get to feed four people all the comfort food goodness and enjoy your extra time together because you didn’t have to make any of it! Imagine, staying in the comfort and safety of your home with delicious food and ample time for relaxation or football games with the people you care about… plenty to be thankful for. Not to mention, you’ve earned a break this holiday season, so take it!

Click to find all the Thanksgiving menu and ordering details.

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